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    For 2 seater post 58' Morgan Sports Cars with bucket type seats. * No more pulling on the Hood. A simple and effective method to help fit the Hood without bruised fingers, broken windscreens or torn hoods and the familiar expletives in cold weather! to fit the hood, fasten all round lowering the hood frames by turning the levers to the upright position. Raise the frames to the upright position 'Swiveling' the levers back to the lower position and over center locking, the Hood is now evenly tensioned to the original with ease. * The Kit comes complete with s/s fixing screws, fitting guide, plastic end caps and a pair of 'Swivel Pivots' * Easy to fit using existing screw holes. * Quality custom made * Made from 312 A2 spec Marine 'Stainless Steel' and hand polished. * A 'Star' product! exported throughout Europe, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Africa satisfied customers include the 'Morgan Motor Company'. * suitable for 4/4, +4, +8 with bucket type seats and pre 2003 traditional style Morgan Hoods. * suitable for the recent 4/4 Sports model with traditional hood frames.