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+4 Where to Find General Information

Morgan Engine Numbers

Morgan Transmission Numbers

Morgan Chassis Numbers

  • All Vanguard engines start with a V prefix.
  • All TR2-3 engines start with a TS prefix.
  • All TR4 engines start with a CT prefix.
  • All TR2-4 engines, as fitted to the Morgan, end with a ME suffix.
  • The engine number, less prefix and suffix, can also be found on the inner lip of the bonnet.

  • Gearbox numbers without prefix are Close Ratio fitted from 1950 to apprx. early 1954.
  • Gearbox numbers with HR prefix are high Ratio and were fitted from appx. 1954 to the end of production.
  • The number is located on the top, left, front corner of the cover.

Production Figures

Morgan Rear Axle Numbers

Engine, Chassis #, # Made, Dates Made

  • Vanguard P2100-3922*
    799 12.50-5.58
  • TR2 2750-3488 344
  • TR3 3421-5574 1808
  • TR4 5136-6853 1582
  • SS 4749-6761 105

*Last general production stopped #2756 6.54.

Some Vanguard powered cars were built up to 5.58.

Note that all engines were fitted with the Vanguard front engine plate and crankshaft pulley.

Three axles were fitted to the +4: 3HA 1950-59, 7HA Phase 1 1960-61 and 7HA Phase 2 1962-68. The styles can be identified by the illustrated measurements.